From Beach Parties to Tax Parties: A Brief History of Spring Break and Taxes

Spring break is synonymous with fun in the sun, but its history is as diverse as the destinations revelers flock to each year. Surprisingly, the origins of this beloved vacation period have… Continue On +

Is Your Practice Ready for A Medical Emergency?

We recently had an opportunity to join the Oregon Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for a Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office presentation that was put on by Dr. Steven Beadnell.  The course… Continue On +

We Are Excited to Share a Great Book and Four Webinars

Fluence is very excited to announce the publication of a book by Mike Smith, CPA, SPHR: The Path to Greater Dental Practice Success.  Mike has taken his passion for coaching dentists and… Continue On +

TD & ADCPA Study Club Session #3 on March 2nd

  Exclusive Thriving Dentist & ADCPA Study Clubs for ADCPA Dentist Members    We had an amazing TD & ADCPA exclusive study club session #2 on Tuesday, January 19th. I hope each… Continue On +

Thriving Dentist Study Clubs with Gary Takacs

Exclusive Thriving Dentist & ADCPA Study Clubs for ADCPA Dentist Members We had an amazing TD & ADCPA exclusive study club session #1 Tuesday, November 17th. I hope each & every one… Continue On +

Do Not Miss It: ADCPA & The Thriving Dentist Study Club Events with Gary Takacs

The Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA) has partnered with Mr. Gary Takacs to present a series of 6 continuing education virtual study club events starting in the month of November and continuing every… Continue On +

Steps to Take When the Schedule is Slow

How do you respond when you look at the schedule and see huge openings?  While it is normal to be concerned, it is important to not become consumed with worry.  There is… Continue On +

Getting Google Reviews with Review Wizards

If you are not generating as many positive Google reviews as possible, you are at a competitive disadvantage since potential new patients rely on reviews to judge your practice. When new patients… Continue On +

How Can a Negative Review be a Good Thing?

Is there a way to avoid criticism?  The writer Elbert Hubbard once said, “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”  Since your dental practice is in the business of… Continue On +

The Art of Dental Finance Podcast

One of the many benefits of belonging to the Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA) is that the Fluence team gains insights from dental CPA firms from across the country.  Just as dentists… Continue On +

Practice Action Plan

Just like you, we love it when a plan comes together, but not everyone knows how, or where to begin, when creating that plan.  Or perhaps a plan was created, but now… Continue On +

Cyber Security – Protect Your Practice against Phishing

While you may be aware that cybercriminals want to break through the defenses of your computer, you may not realize the most popular form of attack involves phishing, or the sending of… Continue On +