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Why should I choose Fluence?

Fluence offers not only expertise, but dedication and passion to helping your business thrive and succeed. While numbers are our business, we also focus on building a relationship with each and every one of our clients. Through the relationship we build, we have the opportunity to learn about our clients, which allows us to gain a clear understanding of what our clients want.

How do Fluence’s consulting services add value to our company?

Our consulting rests on our accounting; however, it is our consulting that will take your practice to the next level. Because Fluence offers more than the traditional accounting, we are able to review your practice’s performance on a regular basis. This also ensures we are in regular contact with our clients, which allows us to maintain relevant knowledge of the needs of your practice. Our accounting tells us where a practice stands; our consulting will help the doctor see where the practice can go.

How can Fluence’s services help me grow my practice?

Fluence offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding dental practices. We take the time to share our knowledge with the doctor, which allows us to help the doctor become more proactive with regard to their practice, and the overall success of the practice. We are always analyzing a practice for its strengths and weaknesses. With our analysis, we are provided the opportunity work with the doctor to take advantage of the strengths and to shore up the weaknesses. When a doctor’s practice is successful, we are successful.

What industries does Fluence specialize in?

Fluence specializes in providing consulting and accounting services to dental practices. Because Fluence is highly specialized in the clients we serve, we are able to provide in depth analysis of an individual’s practice.

My practice is having cash flow issues. Can Fluence help?

Fluence offers comprehensive practice analysis through our assurance services. Once the accounting is completed we are able to review the numbers, dig deep and tell you what the numbers mean. We look at a practice’s cash flow and determine what steps need to be taken for improvement, which will enhance the overall success of your practice. Fluence will work with your practice through each phase of your practice’s success.

Can you help my practice obtain financing?

Fluence will be there to assist you with all aspects involved in obtaining financing. We have assisted our clients with start up practices, purchasing existing practices, as well as refinancing their own practices. We will assist you through filling out the application as well as working with the financial institution to get them what they need. In addition, we will help a practice work with multiple institutions when looking for the most beneficial package.

How do you charge for your services?

Fluence charges on an hourly basis. Essentially, we bill for the service we provide. Our firm’s billing structure is on a graduated scale, based on skill level. Fluence will provide an invoice upon completion of each engagement. (Examples of Engagements: Preparation of Quarterly Accounting, Preparation of Personal Tax Return, Preparation of 1099, etc.)

Can you service us from your Portland, Oregon office even if we are out of state?

We are able to work with a client regardless of their location. We currently have clients in Washington, California, Alaska and as far away as Maryland. Our use of technology is one of the key components that sets us apart from other accounting firms. We embrace the changes and new opportunities that advances in technology afford us through taking our firm paperless, or the use of video and web conferencing. This allows us to stay connected to our clients and foster client relationships without the limits of location.

Can Fluence help me with my personal tax planning and retirement goals?

Fluence takes a proactive approach to all facets of accounting, in addition to providing accounting services for your practice we also consider personal taxes and retirement when preparing the practice accounting. We offer tax and retirement planning on a timely and consistent basis. We also work together with the doctor to set retirement goals and work to successfully attaining them.

Will you help me with financial planning for my practice?

Because Fluence strives to build a relationship with each client, we are able to work closely with our clients and determine the desired direction of the doctor and practice. Once we are able to establish the direction, we work with the doctor to push the practice forward. We provide proactive accounting, which allows us to constantly review a practice’s numbers, which then keeps the doctor informed. We are able to meet and consult with the doctor with regard to the financial direction of the practice, and what steps need to be taken to maintain and ensure the practice’s continued success.

How can Fluence help open a practice?

Fluence has a deep background in helping start-up dental practices. We have the tools and resources to assist a new dentist or doctor right out of school, or help an established doctor purchase a new practice. We assist the doctor in determining if a practice is sound and ready for purchase. We review the entire practice under consideration – demographics, location, office space, patient list, new patient leads, etc. Once the practice is purchased, Fluence will also help with the transition of the existing staff to a new doctor. We will train the staff and bring them up to speed on any necessary office procedures.

What can Fluence do to help me reduce risks in my practice?

Because we take the success of each individual practice very seriously, we also aid in reducing risk. Unfortunately fraud is very prevalent within dental practices, we work diligently with a doctor’s accounting to monitor and prevent fraud from occurring in their practice. In addition we regularly consult with doctors regarding their practice, we advise on significant purchases with the doctor to ensure they are making the best financial decisions for their practice.

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