Coaching is Like Preventive Dentistry

One of the most challenging situations for a dentist is how to respond when the team makes mistakes.  When the health history is not reviewed chair-side or charges for the day are… Continue On +

Challenging Situations Chairside Improve Communication and Leadership Skills

An African Proverb states, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” Just as turbulent seas craft skillful sailors, challenging situations chairside give dentists and teams an opportunity to improve communication and leadership… Continue On +

SALT Deduction – Battle Lines Have Been Set and Swords Have Been Drawn

Tax reform has limited the federal itemized deduction for state income and local government taxes (including property taxes), collectively referred to as the SALT deduction, to $10,000 a year. This set off… Continue On +

Kiddie Tax No Longer Based on Parents’ Tax Rate

Some years back, it was not uncommon for parents to put their investments in their dependent children’s names to take advantage of their children’s lower tax rates. Although the Uniform Gift to… Continue On +

Growing the Recall Patient Base

For dental practices that want to grow, adding new patients is very important; however another measure that is equally important is the growth of the recall patient base. Just because you add… Continue On +

Tax Reform Eases the Alternative Minimum Tax – But It’s Still There

To repeal the alternative minimum tax (AMT), they failed to do that when they passed tax reform in 2017. Instead, they lessened the effects of the AMT by increasing AMT exemptions (an… Continue On +

Why Should You Have a Strong Harassment Policy?

As the spotlight continues to grow on workplace sexual harassment, it is more important than ever for companies to have a strong harassment policy. In 2016, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC)… Continue On +

Reducing Staff Costs

Not only is it challenging to recruit and retain a great dental team, but it is also challenging to keep staff costs under control. Your greatest asset, your team, is also your… Continue On +