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Qualifying Language Does Not Motivate Patients to Schedule

Since patients seek direction from their dentist, giving clear guidance about treatment needs is critical. If patients do not understand the importance of treatment, they are far less likely to schedule. Treatment… Continue On +

Past Due (2)

How to Catch Up on Past Due Accounts Receivables

Your practice can lose sight of past due accounts receivables during periods of staff transition, practice growth, and/or ineffective account follow through. When the problem is finally identified, past due accounts have… Continue On +


Has Tax Reform Taken Away Your Home Mortgage Interest Deduction?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, more commonly referred to as tax reform, substantially altered the itemized deduction for home mortgage interest and affects just about everyone who has been… Continue On +

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Setting a Timeframe for Dental Treatment

If you are like most people, when you make an important recommendation, you often put a timeframe around it; otherwise your suggestion does not carry as much weight. The same goes in… Continue On +

Conflict 2

Resolving Conflict Caused by How We Communicate

Wayne Dyer once said, “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” While you may not be directly responsible for an unresolved disagreement among team members, you may still have a role by not… Continue On +

Employee Handbook

Testing Employees for Drugs or Alcohol

An employee shows up to work and appears to be intoxicated. You want to send them for drug testing to see if your assumption is correct and terminate them if it is.… Continue On +

Home Office

Good and Bad News About The Home Office Tax Deduction

“Home office” is a type of tax deduction that applies to the business use of a home; the space itself may not actually be an office. This category also includes using part… Continue On +


TAX ALERT- Are your new 2018 withholdings sufficient to cover your tax liability?

In March of 2018 the IRS adopted new withholding tables for wages and retirement distributions. These tables were designed to adjust the withholdings for the new tax laws that will be effective… Continue On +