What Our Clients Are Saying

Fluence does good business – they return phone calls, they talk to me when they need to talk to me. They are attentive to our business.

— Mark Buehler, M.D.

Fluence is excellent at helping us with everything from budgeting to the financial impacts of management decisions, as well as traditional accounting, taxes, and budget.

— Lorin Rice, D.M.D.

Fluence always has an answer. They’re true experts.

— Aaron Tinkle, D.M.D.

The biggest benefit of working with them is the easy access to knowledge and their easy and quick response to questions.

— Aaron Tinkle, DMD

What’s really nice is that they work with so many dental practices. They can use this knowledge of the whole dental community to help make our practice better.

— Charlotte DeRenne

Fluence has helped me take my practice to the next level. Consultant Mike Smith has helped me increase production, resolve staff issues and build a great team, and develop great ideas for my practice. Not only that, but he also helped me have more fun with what I do.

— Bruno da Costa, DDS, MS

Fluence consulting has helped our production & collections increase over $4,000/month along with an increase in new patients. This has been a great boost to our financial picture. We are looking forward to even greater improvements ahead.

— Jack Jorgensen, DMD

I am a new referral and I really appreciate Mark. He found about three thousand dollars just by reviewing my last two years of returns. Now that is great service!

— Richard Maddox

I so much appreciate the service that you are providing above and beyond just filing my taxes. This is exactly what I’ve been asking for the past 10 years!

— Brad Sievert, DMD

Thank you for all of the hard work and help you have provided in helping our new business get up and running efficiently and effectively. I really appreciate the suggestions that you made to add value to our business and make it a really great practice for patients and staff. I look forward to implementing those suggestions over next year. I’m equally excited about next year’s meetings already, to see the difference that taking these measures will create.

— Steve McLean, DMD

I am thoroughly impressed with how easy transferring material back and forth was. I am still used to thinking of accounting firms as being paper-centric. This interaction was very easy for me and I hope to use ShareFile to make tax return prep easy.

— Murali Krishna

You are so sweet! Thanks for always helping me. I seriously could not do this job without you. You know that, I’m sure. But I want to acknowledge you. Wish you were one of my sons!

— Deanne Imatanivia email to Principal, Jess Bogumil

I have been a Fluence client for years now. They have helped me manage my dental office since I purchased it. This includes consulting on human resource matters, major purchases, tax planning, and all other accounting matters. They have been invaluable to the success of my dental practice. Their impeccable accounting practices and the business systems they helped me put in place from the start have helped me succeed even in a difficult economy. Kristi Harris is an accounting wiz and an amazing business consultant. She also is an accountant with a great sense of humor! Any dentist would be lucky to have this team working for you. I can’t say enough about Fluence.

— Jon Daby, D.D.S.

I just want to pass along what a pleasure it is to work with Liz on your team. She always goes above and beyond for us. No different than when we first started working with you so it is clear you are building a great team with a great culture. I see a lot of companies and have my own team as well, so I appreciate greatness.

— Craig Douglas

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