Fluence Seminars

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Fluence team members are available to speak on a variety of issues that affect the viability and success of your practice. Our team of speakers leverage years of experience and a passion for the industry to provide the best in dental practice management consulting. See below for a list of topics that Fluence is available to present.


Seminar Topics

Four Ways to Noticeably Increase Treatment Acceptance

This presentation explores in detail four critical areas for increasing treatment acceptance:

  • How to fine-tune each point of patient contact
  • How to build value for treatment by using key phraseology
  • How to build a connection with patients with effective verbal and non-verbal communication
  • And how to develop a partnership with patients regarding their treatment plan

Increase New Patients from the Inside Out

This presentation shows doctors and teams how to motivate patients to refer their friends and family. We discuss how to convert initial calls and emergencies into long-term patients, and how to maximize existing opportunities to reengage patients who are past due.

Take Charge of Your Schedule and Increase Production and Efficiency

This presentation demonstrates to dental teams how to solve common scheduling challenges. We explore how to create an “ideal” schedule that maximizes production goals and minimizes cancellations. In addition, we discuss how to maximize the effectiveness of systems for recall and unscheduled treatment.

Developing the Leader Within – How to Build a Strong Team and Resolve Conflict Effectively

This presentation provides implementable insights about addressing the emotional and logical sides of the brain when coaching teams. Learn how to deliver effective positive and constructive feedback to make the team even stronger. We also discuss, in detail, the steps for resolving conflict and creating measurable action plans.

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Buying a Practice or Starting an Associateship

This presentation is geared for dentists who are not yet practice owners and/or associates. We teach doctors how to evaluate practice purchase and associateship opportunities, what questions to ask to determine if the opportunity is a good fit, and how to evaluate key financial and performance information. The talk provides doctors more tools, and the ability to make better career decisions.

Ten Ways to Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance & Production

This interactive presentation shows dentists and teams how to increase treatment acceptance by fine-tuning each phase of the patient experience.  We cover key points that contribute to effective chair-side presentations, looking in-depth at verbal and non-verbal communication skills. We will discuss how to fine-tune co-diagnosis, phraseology, financial presentations, and teamwork to guide more patients to schedule. Finally, we examine how to build value for treatment recommendations and how to implement systems that proactively focus on unscheduled treatment.

Additional Seminars Offered

  • The Future of Dentistry
  • New Dental Practice Checklist
  • Fraud and Embezzlement: Don’t be a Victim

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