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Upcoming Webinars

How to Attract New Patients and Keep Them Coming Back

Presented by: Mike Smith (CPA), Fluence Dental Accounting Principal

Wednesday, January 28th | 1:00-2:00pm

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It’s no secret that the ability to attract and retain new patients is central to practice growth. But how do you grow a strong patient base? And how can you turn newcomers into established patients who keep coming back year after year?

Please join us for a live webinar with Fluence Principal Mike Smith (CPA), where we will discuss patient acquisition and retention—including key strategies to maximize referrals and establish a base of recall patients.

In this free webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How to entice patients to refer friends and family
  • What it takes to implement an effective internal marketing plan
  • How to keep patients coming back year after year by building value at every visit
  • When and how to ask for referrals and reviews
  • How to monitor looming signs of patient departure, and leverage that information to make timely course corrections

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