More Than Accounting

At Fluence, we are not your everyday accounting firm. We’re more. Specializing in the dental industry, our unmatched understanding of the entire dental industry—and the dynamics that drive it—allow us to provide full-scale, integrated solutions to support the strategic objectives of your entire organization.

We are a trusted partnerpartners

We value relationships, and believe that each client relationship is a partnership. We also believe that our success is a direct result of your success. That’s why at Fluence we don’t just file tax returns. Our network of dental industry experts is involved in your organization year round, providing powerful strategies, and tax and business advisory services to help you succeed.

Your financial dental consultants

From navigating complicated tax laws and changing regulations—to recognizing growing demands on revenues, costs and access to capital—we see the larger trends and share our in-depth experience to help design compensation packages, and assist in personal financial planning.

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