A Focus on Dentistry

Focusing on the dental industry allows us to offer services that are specific to your organizational needs. Rising insurance costs, rapid technology advancements, and numerous regulatory issues place enormous pressure on dental care providers. At Fluence, we understand the financial and managerial impact these issues have on your practice.

We get to know your businesspartners2

We take a snapshot of your practice; drill into the details of your financial and operational structure to provide a complete picture of your practice’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Fluence conducts an in-depth analysis of your business and provides customized action plans to enhance revenue and improve the profitability of your practice. With our in-depth understanding of the unique reporting and tax obligations of the dental and medical industries, we can help you develop successful business strategies, minimize taxes, and give you the tools you need to run a successful and sustainable practice.

Dental practices

Dentistry is our firm’s specialty, and we pay special attention to the operating efficiencies that affect your bottom line. We are uniquely qualified to bring your dental practice a level of expertise that you won’t get with other accounting firms. We’ll help you manage your cash flow and reduce income taxes through our pro-active approach to tax and financial planning that help you keep more of your hard-earned practice dollars.

In addition to traditional tax and accounting services, we understand and are able to specifically help our Dental clients in the following areas:

Management Services

  • Analyze 3rd party Contracts & Negotiations
  • Quarterly Reviews of Management & Business Issues
  • Review & Maintain Corporate Documents, including Buy/Sell Agreements and Employment Agreements
  • Calculate Buy-in/Buy-outs
  • Assist in Recruitment
  • Facilitate Long-range Business Planning
  • New Business Formation/Entity Selection
  • Internal Controls
  • Fee Structuring

Financial Management Services

  • Quarterly Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Budget & Cash Flow Projections

Assurance Services

  • Professional Advice & Evaluation of Your Practice
  • Loan, Buyouts, Rental Agreement Services






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