Your Partner for Practice Success

Our relationship with you is important. It allows Fluence to understand and assist you with every aspect of your practice. Our team takes an all encompassing approach—we partner with the doctor and practice leaders to help plan and successfully accomplish all of your goals.

A proactive approach

Fluence provides you with a proactive and timely approach to accounting. We continually review your numbers and analyze areas that present opportunities for success in your practice. Our team keeps the goals of the doctor and your practice in mind as we work on your accounting so our team can provide the best possible advise to you on the steps you can take to accelerate your objectives.

Your trusted, relevant resource

At Fluence, we pride ourselves on being a constant, quality, relevant resource to our clients—at all times. You can count on us to be there throughout the year to help you plan, analyze, and strategize. We provide the best practice management advice available in order to maximize your  opportunities for your success.

Driving the success of your practice

A thriving practice consists of high-quality people. The Fluence team is also available to help your practice with the human aspects. We have members on our team who are able to work with the doctor and your practice leaders in varying areas from increasing treatment acceptance among patients to improving staff relations.

Count on Fluence to help the profitability and success of your practice.






Get in touch with Fluence, or give us a call at 503-245-0766 to learn more about our practice management services.