The Art of Dental Finance Podcast

One of the many benefits of belonging to the Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA) is that the Fluence team gains insights from dental CPA firms from across the country.  Just as dentists benefit from active involvement in study groups, we reap the rewards of belonging to a like-minded organization that stays on top of dental industry trends.  The ADCPA is full of top-notch professionals.

We are excited to be able to share the ADPCA’s wealth of knowledge with you directly.  One of the ADCPA’s longest-tenured members has started a fantastic podcast that covers a wide range of important issues facing the dental profession.  Art Wiederman, CPA, is a partner at HMWC, a firm in Tustin, California.  His weekly podcast, which started in December of 2018, is entitled The Art of Dental Finance.

To date, Art’s podcasts have explored how to run a fee-for-service dental practice, how to deal with the IRS, how to navigate PPOs, how to identify and prevent fraud and embezzlement, and what to keep in mind with the new tax law changes.  The guests who join Art each week are experts in the field.  Here is the link for the podcasts:

If you want to stay on top of what is happening in dentistry, and if you want more tools to have an even stronger practice, listen to The Art of Dental Finance podcast.  We are excited that Art has put together such a great lineup of podcasts, and we hope you get as much out of the material as we will.

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