Fluence Webinars

At Fluence, we are constantly looking for new ways to help your practice thrive. Below you’ll find a collection of some of our recent webinars on the subjects that matter most to you. Be sure to check back often as we add more topics!

Tax Organizer FAQ

This 9-minute video will help answer the questions below regarding your Tax Organizer, along with best practices for uploaded documents.

  • How do I access my web organizer?
  • What part of the organizer do I need to fill out?
  • When should I submit my web organizer to Fluence?
  • Where should I upload my tax documents?
  • I have questions about the portal. Who can help?


How to Attract and Retain More Patients

Since the best new patients come from existing patients who you enjoy seeing, effective internal marketing is important for practice growth. This webinar will explain how to create a consistently great patient experience that inspires patients to refer their friends and family. We will step through the process of how to ask for referrals with confidence, and we will also discuss how to guide patients to leave positive online reviews.


Boost Treatment Acceptance with Effective Phraseology

This webinar will show you that every word matters when it comes to building value for recommended treatment. Too many times, dentists and teams undervalue the great service they provide while also failing to connect with patients. By choosing clear, non-clinical phraseology, you will engage your patients and guide more of them to schedule for needed treatment, whether treatment plans are complex or simple.


Take Charge of Your Schedule and Increase Production and Efficiency

Running on time is essential for patient retention and practice growth. This webinar will explore how to overcome common scheduling challenges to create efficient and productive schedules that maximize the patient experience along with practice goals. We will discuss in detail how to ensure appropriate time is allocated for new patients, exams, emergencies, and treatment.


Increase Treatment Acceptance with what What – Why – When Approach

Motivate more patients to schedule for recommended treatment by framing recommendations around What – Why – When: what treatment is recommended, why is treatment needed, and when do patients need to schedule. We explore how this three-pronged approach to treatment recommendations will get more patients to say “yes” for needed treatment. We will also cover how the What – Why – When approach improves teamwork and communication.


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