Staying on Time

How often are you on-time with your dental patients?  Whenever I ask this question to dentists and teams, I typically get three distinct answers. Dentists are usually consumed with the present moment… Continue On +

Is Your Dental Marketing Working?

Winston Churchill once said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”  This certainly holds true for dental practice marketing. If you are trying to encourage more patients to… Continue On +

Insurance Tips for PRR’s

For many years, dentists lacked a procedure code for placing something more than a sealant but less than the composite filling that extended into the dentin.  That changed in 2011 with the… Continue On +

The Importance of Failure

Is failure a reason to hang your head or are mistakes a gateway to greater success?  Most successful dentists had their share of treatment to re-do early in their career, but every… Continue On +

Passion – The Driver of Success

How much does passion—an individual’s drive to succeed—contribute to how far you get in life?  If you want to look at how passion drives success in business, consider the story of Jeff… Continue On +

Off-The-Wall Interview Questions Get Results

According to a recent article in CNN Money, hiring managers are getting quite creative with the questions they ask applicants, and dentists can apply these same techniques when hiring for their team.… Continue On +

Fanatical Customer Service

Do you enjoy waiting on hold for customer service?  How confident are you about receiving a helpful return call or email after you leave a message? In the book Switch by Chip… Continue On +

The Identity of Dental Staff Turnover

Few things are more frustrating to dentists than to experience the conflicts and stress that ultimately result in staff turnover.  Many dentists go through periods where they constantly go through staff, and… Continue On +