Putting on Your Game Face: Dental Practice Morning Huddle

Why would a dental practice want to have a morning huddle?  It seems like the thing to do, but what does the huddle really accomplish?  The most effective morning huddles I have ever witnessed do one thing remarkably well: the doctor and team are reminded to put on their “game face.”

How comforting would it be for a patient if you walk into the operatory yawning, complaining how you didn’t sleep well?  Or how about when patients get to witness the assistant and hygienist going at each other, arguing about petty things?  Do you want patients wondering if they are backstage on the Jerry Springer show?

During patient time, the doctor and team need to leave their baggage at the door.  Since the doctor sets the emotional tone for the practice, she must lead by example during the huddle.

The best morning huddles refocus everyone on the mission of the practice, which is to provide great care for patients.  Effective huddles stress patient needs from pending treatment to making phobic patients more comfortable.  And huddles reconnect the team to practice performance goals.

No one leaps out of bed with the same amount of energy each and every day.  That is why the morning huddle is so important.  Delivering patient care is a privilege, a trust earned over time.  And the surest way to maintain that trust is for the doctor and team to help each other put on their “game face.”

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