When Is It Time to Sell Your Dental Practice

When is it time to say when and sell your dental practice?  Dentists typically reach this point when they are ready to close the chapter on their dental careers and transition to… Continue On +

Don’t Mistake Longevity for Loyalty

Just because someone has been part of your dental team for years, doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a pillar of your practice.  Too many times when initially assessing their teams, dentists… Continue On +

Are Cancellation Fees Effective?

Many dental practices attempt to curb cancellations by charging a fee.  But is this effective? Cancellation fees, coupled with appropriate phraseology, work well as a deterrent against patients who call to cancel… Continue On +

Show and Tell

Since we were kids, we have learned through show and tell, which engages our senses and motivates us to listen to what comes next.  Unfortunately, the power of show and tell is… Continue On +

What Matters Most to Your Dental Patients

One of the most important aspects of increasing treatment acceptance is to give your dental patients what they want.  When I work with dentists and teams on fine-tuning their overall patient experience,… Continue On +

A Secure Practice Includes Passwords

If most of us are concerned about security, why do we make it so easy for hackers to crack our passwords?  This is an even bigger deal when you are entrusted to… Continue On +

Overcoming Real Adversity

Have you ever wondered how well you would stand up to real adversity?  I mean the real stuff. Imagine, for example, that you survived a plane crash, and you are now in… Continue On +

Helpful Tips from the Highly Productive

Someone once said, “Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.”  But what if you want to avoid the stress of the last minute and consistently utilize better habits. This… Continue On +