Comparison Shopping

Treatment coordinators know all too well that more patients are comparison shopping when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  The challenge is how to address the concerns of a comparison shopper during the visit.

The March 2011 issue of The McGill Advisory newsletter has an excellent article about how to confront this challenge.  The article recommends that treatment coordinators ask potential patients (or parents) at the beginning of the appointment, “What other options are you considering?”  This is a polite and effective way to flush out whether or not the patient is shopping between practices.

The article points out that a shopper will remain interested in your practice if the patient believes there is room for negotiation, even if you do not offer the lowest price.  This assumes the doctor and team have effectively built value.

Instead of thinking you do not have a chance to close cases with comparison shoppers, consider how you can address the shopper’s concerns and then make a lasting impression based on the value you offer.

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