How to Have Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

Make your dental hygiene team more profitable How do you make your dental hygiene team more productive and profitable?  Focus on the best care for your dental patients. For example, under-performing dental… Continue On +

The Hygiene Team’s Role in Effective Recall Systems

Chasing after past-due dental patients with postcards and phone calls is time consuming, and the effort is a reminder of how important it is to schedule people way before it gets to… Continue On +

Informing Dental Patients about the Costs of Extra Treatment

The effective management of accounts receivable involves more than staying on top of past-due patients; it also includes troubleshooting situations that occur in the back. Eliminating missteps with the clinical team requires… Continue On +

An Effective Recall Program for Dental Practices

Too many times in dental practices, working the recall system is done as a reaction to a slow schedule.  When the practice is reasonable busy, recall is forgotten.  Obviously this is not… Continue On +

Method of Payment for Dental Accounts Receivable

One of the best ways to manage accounts receivable is to make sure you collect as much as possible at the time of dental service.  This sounds like common sense advice.  What… Continue On +

When to Send Billing Statements

When is the appropriate time to send billing statements to your dental patients?  Sending billing statements too soon may cause confusion—when dental claims are still outstanding—while while taking too long to send… Continue On +

Increase Collections at the Time of Service

The most effective way to keep your outstanding accounts receivables under control is to get your dental patients to pay at the time of service.  Seems simply enough.  Yet if you want… Continue On +

Waiving Dental Deductibles and Co-payments

It is common for dentists, who want to help certain patients, to provide dental treatment for just what the insurance pays.  No co-payment or deductible is collected.  It is also common for… Continue On +