Reviewing Your Company’s Trends in QuickBooks

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Billing for “Difficult” Dental Cleanings

One of the most common challenges with past-due dental patients is the expectation that everything can be accomplished with one visit.  Necessary x-rays, the exam, and the cleaning all in one hour… Continue On +

Do Not Start a Budget

Instead of starting a budget, you should start a money management system.  Seriously.  The word budget sounds like a bad word.  It makes people think of restriction, constraints, and rules.  A money… Continue On +

Your Cash World, Our Tax World

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One Way to Save on Staff’s Health Insurance Coverage

There has been much debate during the last few years about the recent healthcare reform known as The Affordable Care Act.  Politicians and pundits from both sides of the aisle have poked… Continue On +

Giving OHP a Second Look

It is common for dentists and their teams to not want to accept patients from the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).  But is that the best course of action, especially since there are… Continue On +

Strategic Hiring

When you need to fill a position on your team, do you hire people who share your personality?  The common tendency is for a dentist and/or the team member in charge of… Continue On +

Stay Out of Trouble with Discounts and Credits

One of the fundamental concepts about dental insurance billing is often missed by practices, and even though the oversights are typically innocent in nature, the consequences can be significant. The fundamental concept… Continue On +