Expense Series Part 1

“How are my expenses looking?” is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Many doctors review the production and collection numbers and can instantly tell you whether their… Continue On +

Dentists and Payment Arrangements

Who is the best person in your practice for making payment arrangements? It’s rare when the answer is the dentist; however dentists can easily get caught up in inquiries about money whenever… Continue On +

Are You Considering Converting Your Home Into A Rental?

Article Highlights: Home Sale Gain Exclusion Home Sale Loss Rule Mortgage Interest Deductions When individuals buy new homes, they often consider turning their old homes into rentals rather than selling them. All… Continue On +

Tracking Failed and Cancelled Appointments

You know how disruptive and costly it is when patients fail to show up for dental appointments and you are left with big holes in your schedule. It’s equally frustrating when patients… Continue On +

Oregon’s Minimum Wage Law

The next Oregon minimum wage increase will take effect on July 1, 2017. All employees pay rates need to reviewed to ensure they are being paid the minimum wage required. What is… Continue On +

3 Ways to Decrease Cancellations

Cancellations can ruin well-orchestrated schedules while draining valuable time from the dental team as they scramble to fill the openings. Instead of reacting to cancellations, consider how you can take three proactive… Continue On +

Going Above and Beyond for Emergency Patients

One of the most challenging calls for a dental team is from a patient in discomfort. If your schedule is busy, you may be stretched to find an opening for the patient.… Continue On +

Commonly Overlooked Dental Procedures

During the course of a busy day, dentists and their teams sometimes post production without accounting for every service performed. Three commonly missed dental procedures are limited scaling and root planing, crown… Continue On +