Fanatical Customer Service

Do you enjoy waiting on hold for customer service?  How confident are you about receiving a helpful return call or email after you leave a message? In the book Switch by Chip… Continue On +


Being on Time for Work Matters

Dr. Seuss once asked, “How did it get so late so soon?”  This is a question dental team members may ask as they roll into work too late to attend your huddle… Continue On +


Attitude for Growth

How do you foster growth within a dental practice when we have a less-than-ideal economy?  The catalyst is effective leadership.  But what makes a leader effective? Someone once said, “A good leader… Continue On +


Estimated Tax Payments… What are they and why they are needed?

(Please note the below only applies if your business is formed as a S-corporation or LLC) Every so often our office will ask you to make estimated tax payments to the IRS… Continue On +


3 Stats to Monitor with New Dental Patients

Most dental practices spend time and resources trying to attract new patients to the practice.  Dentists and teams also work hard to ensure the patient experience is as positive as possible.  This… Continue On +


When Your Hygiene Team Fears Being Wrong

Through my years of dental practice consulting, I have helped a lot of hygiene teams overcome barriers related to discussing treatment with patients.  In almost every situation, the doctor felt the hygienists… Continue On +


Communication Made Simple

Over two hundred years ago the English chemist, Joseph Priestly, said, “The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.”  I can’t imagine what Priestly would think today. When research… Continue On +


How to Collect What You Produce

Have you ever felt as if you were working really hard with a productive schedule yet cash was still tight?  There are several situations that can cause this, one of which is… Continue On +