Accountability in Dental Practices

If you want your team to demonstrate accountability, how do you promote this in your dental practice?  And what do you do that might undermine your efforts? For example, if an assistant… Continue On +


Resolving Unfilled Openings in Hygiene

Do you know how many appointments go unfilled in your hygiene schedule each month?  While it’s normal to have some openings due to sicknesses, it is more troubling when the openings were… Continue On +


Increase Collections at the Time of Service

The most effective way to keep your outstanding accounts receivables under control is to get your dental patients to pay at the time of service.  Seems simply enough.  Yet if you want… Continue On +

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Sharing Performance Information with Your Dental Team

Do you consistently share practice performance statistics and goals with your dental team?  If the practice is doing poorly, you may hesitate to share numbers for fear the team will abandon ship;… Continue On +

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Win Your Patients Over With Prompt Follow-Up

We have all experienced situations where we expected a healthcare provider or a vendor to follow-up on our questions; however they never called.  What kind of impression did that make?  In many… Continue On +

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Interview Questions to Avoid

While it’s important to ask effective interview questions to help find the right fit for your practice, it’s equally critical to avoid venturing into restricted areas of inquiry.  Knowing what not to… Continue On +

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How to Handle a Clash of New Patient Expectations

One of the worst-case scenarios for a dentist is to find significant decay on a new patient who expects everything is fine.  How do you break the bad news without making the… Continue On +


Effective Interview Questions

It’s tough enough to lose someone on your dental team, but then you have the challenging task of interviewing candidates to find the right fit.  How do you know if the person… Continue On +