Dentist front desk

What Makes a Dental Practice Valuable?

What drives the value of a dental practice? The answer goes beyond the assets you can see: the new technology, the recent remodel, and the updated software. Your most important asset in… Continue On +

Teeth and Money

Dentists and Payment Arrangements

Who is the best person in your practice for making payment arrangements? It’s rare when the answer is the dentist; however dentists can easily get caught up in inquiries about money whenever… Continue On +

Dentist, team and patient

Saying Goodbye to Problematic Dental Patients

Just as some of your patients wait too long to seek treatment for an infection, your dental practice may wait too long at times to dismiss problematic patients. And the delay is… Continue On +


Know Your “Number” Before Buying a Dental Practice

If you are searching for a dental practice to purchase, how do you know when you’ve found a good fit? It is common to initially answer that question by considering the location… Continue On +


Adding More New Dental Patients

Even though you may want new patients, many of your existing dental patients just assume you have all of the business you need. Patients look at all of the charts on the… Continue On +


Growth Starts with Patient Comfort

Dentists understandably wonder how to grow their practice. Should they focus on direct mail or a better website or a new banner out front? How about starting with patient comfort. Ivan Misner,… Continue On +


Oregon Sick Leave Law

The final BOLI rules for Oregon’s new Sick Leave Law have been published. Starting January 1, 2016 the law requires employers in Oregon to allow employees to accrue up to 40 hours… Continue On +

Follow Up

Adding Your Personalized Touch to Dental Patient Follow Up

If you want to make a great impression on your dental patients, do not underestimate the importance of personalized follow up. Taking that extra step will make you stand out in the… Continue On +