Staying on Time

How often are you on-time with your dental patients? Whenever I ask this question to dentists and teams, I typically get three distinct answers. Dentists are usually consumed with the present moment… Continue On +


Put Patients Back in the Patient Experience

What is sometimes lost in the new patient experience is, oddly enough, the new patient. The same issues can plague recall visits as well, making some patients resistant to returning to your… Continue On +


Is Your Dental Marketing Working?

Winston Churchill once said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” This certainly holds true for dental practice marketing. If you are trying to encourage more patients to… Continue On +


Dental Patient Retention Starts With the Connection You Make

Dentists and teams know that if you enter the operatory properly prepared, patient visits typically go smoothly. And patients are more likely to remain loyal to your practice when they consistently have… Continue On +

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What If Insurance Doesn’t Cover It

You finish with your exam and set the patient up to review your findings. You make your recommendations for dental treatment and the patient seems to understand; however as soon as you… Continue On +


Insurance Tips for PRR’s

For many years, dentists lacked a procedure code for placing something more than a sealant but less than the composite filling that extended into the dentin. That changed in 2011 with the… Continue On +


Nobody Schedules for Small Decay

Imagine you take your car in for an oil change. Your mechanic, in addition to changing your oil, inspects your engine. When your car is ready, your mechanic explains his findings: “Your… Continue On +


Effective Transitions Make for a Great Dental Patient Visit

Just as transitions are critical for the continuity of presentations we hear or articles we read, transitions are also important for the patient experience. Effective dental teams know how to seamlessly transition… Continue On +