Adding an Associate Dentist

If you want to add an associate dentist to your practice, the first thing you need to ask is why you want to do it. Are you adding an associate because it… Continue On +


Curbing Last-Minute Cancellations

Few things are more irritating to a dentist and team than patients who cancel at the last-minute, leaving big gaps in the schedule. And it’s normal for dentists and teams to want… Continue On +


Freedom to Fail for Dental Teams

When you consider what goes into the development of your dental team, you may think of classes they attend, newsletters they read, and staff meetings they go to each month. Each of… Continue On +


Changing Course with Flexibility

Change and adaptable are not always easy, and sometimes we are slow to recognize the need to be flexible. Flexibility, when used appropriately, is a great tool for effective leadership. There is… Continue On +


Getting the Most Out of Feedback

Management guru Ken Blanchard once said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” But what if the feedback is tough to swallow? Inc. magazine has an excellent article about how to handle tough… Continue On +

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Commonly Overlooked Dental Procedures

During the course of a busy day, dentists and their teams sometimes post production without accounting for every service performed. Three commonly missed dental procedures are limited scaling and root planing, crown… Continue On +


Stay out of Trouble with Discounts and Credits

One of the fundamental concepts about dental insurance billing is often missed by practices, and even though the oversights are typically innocent in nature, the consequences can be significant. The fundamental concept… Continue On +

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Speaking the Patient’s Language

Imagine if an exterminator informed you, after inspecting your house, that you had isopterans. What would you ask next? Let’s assume the exterminator noticed a puzzled look on your face, so he… Continue On +