Where are the New Patients?

If your new patient flow has yet to return to pre-recession levels, you are not alone.  Most of the dental practice management clients we have are still experiencing less than robust new… Continue On +


What Are You Really Saying To Dental Patients?

If you want to create stronger connections with your patients and have more people accept your recommendations for dental treatment, consider becoming fluent in body language.  Most of our communication occurs non-verbally. … Continue On +


Is Your Practice Utilizing Social Media To Its Fullest Extent?

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Improving Hygiene Production

Long term patient relationships are built in the hygiene chair, which is why your hygiene team is so important for dental practice growth.  Your hygiene team also contributes significantly to practice production—really… Continue On +


Reducing Dental Appointment Cancellations

Imagine the nice vacations you could take if you could capture just a fraction of the cost of missed dental appointments.  The cost is also felt across the ocean.  The National Health… Continue On +


Chart Audits are Critical before Purchasing a Dental Practice

One of the biggest professional commitments you will make is with the purchase of a dental practice; therefore reserving time for due diligence is critical.  One important aspect of due diligence is… Continue On +


Dental Marketing – The First Question

Wouldn’t it be nice if by simply opening your door wider you attracted more new patients?  Unfortunately, people are not gathering outside your door like they do a donut shop, eager for… Continue On +


Finding the Right Associate Dentist

When you are busy enough to add an associate to your dental practice, it’s important to find a dentist who will reflect favorably on your practice.  While that sounds straightforward, it’s more… Continue On +