When Is It Time to Sell Your Dental Practice

When is it time to say when and sell your dental practice?  Dentists typically reach this point when they are ready to close the chapter on their dental careers and transition to… Continue On +


Coaching a Struggling Dental Team Member

How do you effectively coach someone who is making mistakes?  Consider when a dental procedure that is running behind, where everything is going wrong, and a new, struggling assistant misplaces yet another… Continue On +


Dental Patient Surveys

How valuable are patient surveys?  Some dentists may think along the lines of David Letterman, who once said, “USA Today has come out with a new survey – apparently three out of… Continue On +

Review Records

Proactive Steps for Insurance Audits

No one welcomes an insurance audit.  But the time to prepare for one is now, long before you receive notification from an insurance company.  Remember that an audit is an attempt to… Continue On +

Job Application

Oregon and Portland Ban the Box Laws

In case you missed it, the Oregon Legislature passed a Ban the Box Law that went into effect January 1, 2016.  The law prohibits Oregon employers from asking job applicants about criminal… Continue On +

Dental Patient and Dentist

New Dental Patients – Balancing Convenience and Thoroughness

A common challenge with new dental patients is balancing their need for convenience with your need to do a thorough job.  When an established patient comes in for a regular visit, you… Continue On +


Coordination of Dental Benefits

One of the most difficult things to maneuver is coordinating benefits between two insurance companies.  The most common questions involve what you can bill the insurance companies and the patients.  Here are… Continue On +

Employee Benefits

Compensation Means More Than Just a Paycheck

If you ask team members what they are paid, they will typically tell you what they are paid per hour; however most dental practices provide benefits in addition to an hourly wage.… Continue On +