The Care-Focused Approach to Driving Hygiene Profitability

Congratulations to Mike Smith, CPA, ABV MS, for getting his blog published in the DMD Today! How do you make your hygiene team more productive and profitable?  The answer more than likely… Continue On +

Dentist Employees

Preparing for Leaves of Absence from Your Dental Practice

What do you need to have lined up before you take a leave of absence from your dental practice? The most important person to line up is a dentist to cover for… Continue On +

Scam Alert

Watch Out For QuickBooks Email Scams

This is the time of year that we are all paying special attention to any correspondence that may impact our end of year information or our taxes and there is so much… Continue On +

Decision Making

Weeding Out “Difficult” Dental Patients

Do you have to be everyone’s dentist? While you may wish that you connected well with every patient in your chair and that everyone wanted you as their dentist, there are some… Continue On +

Time To Work

Being on Time for Work Matters

Dr. Seuss once asked, “How did it get so late so soon?” This is a question dental team members may ask as they roll into work too late to attend your huddle… Continue On +


Adding More Hygiene Days

If you have a general dentistry practice and you are eager to grow the practice, you probably know that growth is driven by more hygiene days. Not only does an increase in… Continue On +


When Team Members Are Not Getting Along

What do you do when members of your dental team are not getting along? Do you run the other direction in hopes that everything will work itself out? Typically, conflict does not… Continue On +

Dentist Follow Up Phone Call

Adding Your Personalized Touch to Dental Patient Follow Up

If you want to make a great impression on your dental patients, do not underestimate the importance of personalized follow up. Taking that extra step will make you stand out in the… Continue On +