When Team Members Are Not Getting Along

What do you do when members of your dental team are not getting along? Do you run the other direction in hopes that everything will work itself out? Typically, conflict does not… Continue On +

Dentist Follow Up Phone Call

Adding Your Personalized Touch to Dental Patient Follow Up

If you want to make a great impression on your dental patients, do not underestimate the importance of personalized follow up. Taking that extra step will make you stand out in the… Continue On +

2017 Goals

Plans for the New Year

The start of a new year brings an opportunity to make your dental practice and team even stronger. As you consider what you would like to accomplish this year, remember you need… Continue On +

Team Meeting

What to Tell Your Team after a Termination

Let’s assume you complete the unfortunate task of terminating one of your dental team members. As much as you may want to forget the whole thing, your work is not yet over.… Continue On +

Kid in Dentist Chair

When Is the Best Time to Do Exams?

During most hours in a general dentist’s day, a tug of war occurs. On one side of the rope is the dentist sitting chair side with the patient he is treating. So… Continue On +

Envelope -  Tax Day

Timely Filing & the IRS Mailbox Rule

As we approach tax season it’s important to remember that a return is not considered filed, “until the document is delivered and received” by the IRS1. With electronic returns confirmation of delivery… Continue On +

Patient & Receptionist

Remember to Collect at the Time of Service

Effective dental teams that keep their outstanding accounts under control are diligent at collecting at the time of service. While this may sound like common sense, the priority of collecting at the… Continue On +

Time Mangagement

How Much Time Do You Need in Your Schedule

Albert Einstein once said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” If you do not allow enough time in your schedule for the treatment you are… Continue On +