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Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017

The Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 was signed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown earlier this year. The law extends pay equity to a variety of protected classes and prohibits employers from… Continue On +

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Oregon Sick Leave Law Amendment

Oregon is amending the Sick Leave Law as of January 1, 2018. The goal of the amendments is to provide further clarification. The law requires that employers provide paid or unpaid leave… Continue On +


How Much Production Are You Losing to Write Offs?

Let’s say your practice bills out $5,000 of production today. How much of that production would you expect to collect? There are typically differences between what is produced and collected, and the… Continue On +

House for Sale

Sold Your Home This Year? Thinking of Selling? Read This!

Article Highlights: Home Sale Exclusion 2 out of 5 Rule Business Use of the Home Gain or Loss from a Sale Previous Use as a Rental Records If you sold your home… Continue On +

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Important Questions for Performance Reviews

One of the most common questions dentists have about performance reviews (after covering wage-related questions) involves what to cover during the meeting. Performance reviews are ideal opportunities to learn more about your… Continue On +

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Big Treatment Plans

When patients have a lot on their treatment plans, they are typically the most in need of great dental care; however it is commonly a struggle to get these patients to schedule.… Continue On +

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Washington Paid Sick Leave Law

Washington Initiative 1433 requires employers with one covered employee to provide paid sick leave to most employees beginning on January 1, 2018. All employees covered by the Washington Minimum Wage Law must… Continue On +

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Are You Accidentally Turning New Dental Patients Away?

How many new dental patients do you turn away each month? Almost every dental team would say that new patients are never turned away, especially given how hard most practices work at… Continue On +