Know Your “Number” Before Buying a Dental Practice

If you are searching for a dental practice to purchase, how do you know when you’ve found a good fit?  It is common to initially answer that question by considering the location… Continue On +

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When to Pay for Classes or Meetings

When do you have to pay for staff members to attend continuing education or meetings?  Here are important points to remember. First, when the continuing education (CE) or meeting is mandatory, you… Continue On +

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What You Can Learn from the Mistakes of the Prior Dentist

Imagine for a moment that you are searching for a new yard maintenance company to take care of your outdoor work.  Are you looking for the company that can make the straightest… Continue On +


Choice of Entity – Costs and Final Thoughts (Part III of III)

We have discussed the basics of entities, some pros and cons and now we will wrap it up with some estimated costs and final thoughts. The cost of establishing an entity focuses… Continue On +

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Coordination of Dental Benefits

One of the most difficult things to maneuver is coordinating benefits between two insurance companies.  The most common questions involve what you can bill the insurance companies and the patients.  Here are… Continue On +


Dental Accountant’s Due Diligence (Part II of III)

After part I, you have now established that you definitely want to and are suited to own your own dental practice. You have looked at what is available and you have found… Continue On +


Proactively Coach the Small Stuff

One of the most challenging situations for a dentist is how to respond when the team starts overlooking the small stuff.  When the health history is not reviewed chair-side or charges for… Continue On +


What Can You Trust About Trusts?

Fear can be a very motivational.  It’s what causes us to build storm shelters in our basements and rent safety deposit boxes at banks to protect our most precious belongings.  Sometimes it… Continue On +