Cash Flow

Expense Series Part 5

Behind staffing costs, direct costs are typically the second largest expense category for dental practices. In the Portland area, a general dentist typically spends 12.3% of their collections on dental supplies and… Continue On +


How Can a Negative Review be a Good Thing?

Is there a way to avoid criticism? The writer Elbert Hubbard once said, “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” Since your dental practice is in the business of… Continue On +

irs scam

They Are Phishing You. Don’t Take the Bait!

You are probably as tired of hearing about ID theft, phishing, phone scams and other schemes as you are of the political infighting in Washington. However, for most people, protecting themselves against… Continue On +

marketing to customer loyalty flow chart

Expense Series Part 4

Do you often send out hundreds of mailers and ask yourself “Am I paying too much to advertise, and is this even working?” If so, you are not alone. Advertising and promotional… Continue On +

Employees with Dentist Patient

Expense Series Part 3

In the previous post of this series we discussed staffing costs and how to analyze them, along with questions to ask yourself if your costs are below market averages. In this post,… Continue On +

Staff Costs

Expense Series Part 2

Without a doubt, the costs associated with employing staff and hygienists are the single biggest operating expenses that a practice will have, in fact, staff and hygiene costs on average are just… Continue On +

new clients

Why Isn’t Your Hygienist Getting Busier?

If you are consistently adding at least twenty new patients each month per full time dentist in your practice, your hygiene team will gradually get busier with seeing new and continuing care… Continue On +

Calculating Expenses

Expense Series Part 1

“How are my expenses looking?” is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Many doctors review the production and collection numbers and can instantly tell you whether their… Continue On +