Conflict JR

Modifying Your Strategies to Manage Conflict

Think for a moment about a recent conflict. What was in dispute? Maybe the conflict was about the way you do something in your practice or how the team manages time. In… Continue On +

Dentist and team

What You Can Learn from the Mistakes of the Prior Dentist

Imagine for a moment that you are searching for a new yard maintenance company to take care of your outdoor work. Are you looking for the company that can make the straightest… Continue On +

Piggy Bank - 2

myRA Retirement Accounts Are Now Available Nationwide

This is a U.S. Treasury Department program aimed at low to middle income individuals as a starter account to encourage those that do not have access to employer-sponsored plans to become savers.… Continue On +

Teeth Up Bar Graph

Dental Practice Growth Often Hinges on Hygiene

If you consistently attract strong numbers of new patients yet your hygiene schedule is not as busy as you would like, it’s time to look closely at the potential reasons. Dental practice… Continue On +


Medical Coding on Dental Claims

As of October 1, 2015, medical diagnostic codes are now needed on certain dental claims. Why? The decision dates back to 2009 when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pushed for… Continue On +


Can You Ever Be Objective?

How objective are you when it comes to making decisions? While we may think we are objective, we typically are anything but that. Consider what the American publisher and editor Henry R.… Continue On +

Hygienist and Patient

Profitable Hygiene Teams

How do you make your hygiene team more productive and profitable? Focus on the best care for your dental patients. For example, underperforming hygiene teams often miss opportunities to provide full or… Continue On +


Data Breach Coverage for Your Dental Practice

One of the worst things that could happen to your dental practice is to have a hacker access the protected health information of your patients. Then what would you do? You can’t… Continue On +