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Your Dental Practice is Just Like a Used Car

For those of you who are looking to sell your dental practice in the near future and retire to a life of luxury on a tropical island somewhere, there are a few… Continue On +


Connecting with Overwhelmed Dental Patients

How do you connect with overwhelmed dental patients?  It’s not easy.  And since there is a better than average chance you will not guide overwhelmed patients to schedule for treatment, the most… Continue On +


Communicating With Your Dental Team

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received regarding communication came from a teacher who reminded us effective memos are never written; effective memos are rewritten.  Great speeches are never… Continue On +


Controlling Dental Staff Costs

If your dental staff costs are higher than what you would like to see, consider looking closely at four parts of the day.  First, when your team clocks in, do they start… Continue On +

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When to Add an Associate to Your Dental Practice

When is a good time to add an associate dentist to your practice?  The short answer is when you have enough consistent demand; however a lot of factors go into this decision.… Continue On +


What Dental Teams Can Learn from Disney

If you have ever stood in line for a ride at Disney World, you are not the only person who notices how slow the line moves or how many upset children are… Continue On +


How Much Dentistry Do You Lose to Adjustments

How much dentistry do you give away each month?  The answer is almost always surprising as you review your adjustment report and try to make sense of why things were written off.… Continue On +

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Dental Teams and Problem Solving

How can you and your dental team become better problem solvers?  Consider three of the tips offered in an article of Inc. magazine. Be wary of any problem that has only one… Continue On +