Combatting Turnover of All-Star Employees in a High Turnover Industry

Unfortunately, dental offices can experience high levels of turnover, with the average employee lasting less than 2 years at a given practice.  Each time an office experiences turnover of its all-star employees… Continue On +

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Will the Affordable Care Act Impact Your Tax Return for 2014?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as Obamacare, imposes an individual mandate requiring all non-exempt U.S. Citizens and legal residents to enroll in government-approved health insurance in 2014 or pay… Continue On +


The Profile of Dental Practice Embezzlers – Part I

How can you tell that one of your dental team members is an embezzler?  Does the embezzler show up wearing a black hat like an outlaw in an old Western?  Will you… Continue On +


Incentivize your Team: Bonus (Part I of II)

In today’s environment we are seeing more doctors looking at some sort of incentive based compensation system for their dental practice team members. We are often asked what the incentive based compensation… Continue On +


Turn Dental Emergencies into Opportunities

Emergency appointments are not typically viewed as practice building opportunities by most dentists and teams.  Instead, emergencies often cause the practice to run behind and pull attention away from scheduled patients.  But… Continue On +

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4 Ways to Improve Past Due Accounts Receivable

The amount your dental practice has in past due accounts receivable can quickly escalate without proper systems in place.  It’s not uncommon for busy teams to focus on just getting the billing… Continue On +


Dental Patient Communication Made Simple

Over two hundred years ago the English chemist, Joseph Priestly, said, “The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.”  I can’t imagine what Priestly would think today. When research… Continue On +


Increase Treatment Acceptance with Plain English

Confused dental patients rarely schedule; unfortunately patients rarely tell you when they are confused.  Therefore, if you want to increase treatment acceptance in your practice, make sure patients clearly understand what you… Continue On +