Team Approach to Scheduling

Who is responsible for filling openings in your schedule? Many dental teams respond by motioning toward a stressed-out member of the front office team who has regular nightmares about cancellations. But if… Continue On +


Impress Your Dental Patients Before Treatment Starts

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Simple Tips for Coding Dental Exams Correctly

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3 Common Bad Habits of Dental Practices

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The Importance of Process

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Asking Dental Patients for Referrals

The most challenging aspects of internal marketing are knowing when and how to ask patients for referrals. Dental teams commonly worry they will come across as too pushy if they ask patients… Continue On +


What Dental Teams Can Learn from Disney

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The Hygiene Team’s Role with an Effective Recall System

What role does your hygiene team play in implementing an effective recall system? This is a common question in dental practices. While the front team typically handles the recall program, the involvement… Continue On +