Credit Card Machine

Securing Your Patients’ Credit Card Information

You are most likely aware that credit cards are moving toward secure payments using chip technology. The secure technology is known as EMV (Euro, MasterCard, Visa), and since EMV will impact your… Continue On +


Oregon’s Minimum Wage Law

Oregon’s new minimum wage law went into effect on July 1, 2016. The new law established a series of rate increases beginning on July 1, 2016 through July 1, 2022. For July… Continue On +

Positive Feedback

Your Dental Team Is Motivated By More Than Compensation

If compensation was all that mattered to your dental team, then highly compensated teams would have few if any challenges. However, that is not the case. Whether your dental practice is big… Continue On +

irs scam

IRS Scam

The IRS recently issued a consumer warning to be on the lookout for fake IRS notices. These fake notices try to trick taxpayers into making payments, or sending sensitive personal information to… Continue On +

Dental Insurance

How to Tell Patients You Dropped Their PPO

Let’s say you’ve done the appropriate analysis and you and your advisors have determined it’s best for the dental practice to drop a PPO plan.  What do you tell your patients?  If… Continue On +

Explore Your Options

How Effective Leaders Make Decisions

Sometimes you have to make challenging decisions in your dental practice concerning patient care, staff retention, equipment purchases, and more. In order to make the best decision for you and your practice,… Continue On +

Dentist and team

Proactively Coach the Small Stuff

One of the most challenging situations for a dentist is how to respond when the team starts overlooking the small stuff. When the health history is not reviewed chair-side or charges for… Continue On +

Dental patient in waiting room

Are You Really Welcoming New Patients?

Are you really welcoming new patients to your dental practice, or are you inadvertently turning them away?  We are yet to see a sign proclaiming, “We have shut our door on new… Continue On +