The Value of Appreciation

If you want to get more from your dental team, consider giving something in return that goes beyond pay and benefits.  Consider how you can do a better job of expressing your appreciation for their efforts.

When your team feels valued, when they hear you expressing sincere thanks for specific accomplishments, your team is motivated to do an even better job.  Positive feedback creates behaviors and outcomes worthy of more positive feedback.  Therefore, please think about ways you can show your appreciation.

First, do not underestimate the value of regular individual meetings.  Take time to meet for lunch or reserve twenty or thirty minutes to discuss performance.  This not only provides an ideal forum for positive feedback, but you will most likely also discover innovative ideas that come from the conversation.

Secondly, recognize accomplishments during staff meetings or morning huddles, which gives the entire team an opportunity to applaud the success of others.  Dentists who are successful leaders regularly find characteristics to praise during meetings.  And be sure to look closely at areas that were once struggles.  You can really see the energy level of the group rise when you trace the efforts that turned a challenge into something that is working well.

Finally, do not underestimate the value of a small token of appreciation.  Showing up in the morning with coffee for your team.  Sharing fresh fruit from the Farmer’s Market.  Consider what your team would appreciate and surprise them.

The other side benefit of recognizing your team is it makes you feel good.  The effort reminds you of the talent you have in your practice.  And the best way to develop that talent and keep those team members in your practice is to regularly express your appreciation.

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