Take Time to Ask Why

When you reach your performance goals for a particular month, do you simply check it off your list or do you take the time to ask why?  You and your team spend considerable time and energy working on the skills needed to maximize performance, and when you finally achieve your goals, it’s important to recognize what worked well.  This is your game plan for future success.

I recently met with a practice that, after a few years of hard work, has grown approximately 20%.  We spent time digging into former challenges to see what was working well and why.  We discovered, for example, that treatment acceptance was up substantially because the doctor was providing an overview of treatment without overwhelming.  And she and the team were guiding patients to schedule by providing a recommended timeframe.

In addition, all patients were sitting down to briefly discuss financials with the front office, instead of standing at the front desk where everyone could hear.  In other words, a number of small steps were coming together to drastically increase treatment acceptance.

The discussion was very illuminating to the team.  They clearly understood not only how their hard work had paid off, but they also recognized the value of those extra steps.

It’s important to ask why when things are going well.  What are you doing that is increasing new patient flow?  How are you scheduling differently now to meet production goals?

When you understand why, you identify a series of good habits.  And those good habits are the ones for you and your team to repeat.

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