Sharing Praise

Do you enjoy receiving praise?  You’re not alone.  Most of us appreciate sincere positive feedback, and when we receive it we immediately perk up.

At a recent meeting with a dentist, I shared some praise that I had heard from his partner.  The dentist smiled and said that was good to hear, and then he let me know that he and his partner rarely communicated positive encouragement since they are so focused on the business.  “We just look at the success of the practice as our substitute for praise.”

But is success a substitute for praise?  Or how about when a key vendor or advisor helps you out, especially in a pinch, is your patronage to that individual a substitute for praise?

Consider yourself for a moment.  Do you work harder for people who communicate their appreciation?  Of course you do.  Communicating specific and sincere praise increases our connection with others, and we naturally go the extra mile for those people.

Catherine the Great once said, “I praise loudly, I blame softly.”  If we follow her advice, we will not let paychecks and patronage substitute from expressions of gratitude.  Consider the people who you appreciate.  I encourage you to communicate praise to those who have earned it.

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