Getting the Most from a Rejection

How do you get past the fear and discomfort that comes with rejection?  It’s not easy.  However, we can’t give up in the face of a setback or allow it to stifle our growth.

Harvey Mackay, who has written several bestsellers including Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, has a helpful article in this month’s Inc. magazine about rejection.  One of his key messages is if you are a business owner, you better get used to hearing the word “no.”  This is certainly true for dentists who sometimes face an uphill battle getting patients to schedule.

One of the tips Mackay offers when you face rejection is to be more assertive.  It’s common for dentists and dental teams to lose some assertiveness after hearing “no” a few times, especially if money is at the root of the rejection.

Instead of backing away from recommending what they believe is best, dentists and teams need to remain assertive and proactive.  Guide the patient to the most appropriate treatment.  And do not water-down the recommendation because you fear the patient will say “no.”

In addition, when you hear “no” put yourself under the microscope.  When you hear negative self talk emerging, replace that with something productive.  If patients say “no” to treatment, consider how you can get “yes” the next time.  Do you need to create more of a partnership with patients where they feel they can participate in the selection of treatment options?  How can you fine-tune the way financials are presented?

No one enjoys hearing the word “no.”  Instead of cringing when you encounter a rejection, I encourage you to look at it as an opportunity to make improvements for the next time.

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