3 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership

If you want to add some polish to your leadership skills as you start a new year, consider the following three tips.

First, challenge yourself and/or your dental team to do what’s best, even if it means encountering resistance.  Consider what you really want to do.  If you start feeling a certain level of anxiety because of obstacles in your path, that means you are on to something really good, something you need to commit to as soon as possible.

For example, you may have allowed yourself to get stuck in an unproductive bartering relationship with a few patients.  The arrangement is a headache for you and your dental team, but you hate the thought of talking with the patients, who can be confrontational.  Now is the time to take your leadership to the next level by having that tough conversation.  You will feel like a new person when it’s over and your team will be inspired by the display of leadership.

The second tip is to talk a little less and ask a few more questions when meeting with your team.  Come prepared to ask questions that require thought and discussion, something that requires more than a yes/no answer.

For example, ask disengaged team members what reasons they would give for referring new dental patients to the practice.  This is a good way to see what’s in their heart.  And keep asking follow up questions that get at why they want to work at the practice.

Finally, consider enhancing your leadership style with positive feedback.  This point cannot be made enough.  I’ve met with hundreds of dental team members and I’m yet to hear one tell me his/her dentist provided too much positive feedback.  Therefore, set a goal of offering several sincere and unique compliments per week to each member of your team, and hold yourself accountable for reaching that goal.

Without question, leadership requires effort and attention.  And we have to constantly fine tune our skills.  Consider the aforementioned three tips to make your leadership more effective.

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