Relaxation Leads to Inspiration

Now you have the perfect excuse to take time off: relaxation leads to inspiration.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Barbara Haislip explores insights experienced by entrepreneurs while on vacation.

Robert Jensen found inspiration during a skiing trip to Colorado.  He experienced a “eureka moment” while on the ski lift.  Jensen observed how the steel cables of the lift were constructed and he realized he could apply those principles to an idea he had for geothermal heat pumps.

Prior to the ski trip, Jensen was stuck regarding how to make the pumps.  But after the “ah-ha” moment on the ski lift, he was able to rework his patented design to make the heat pumps cheaper and easier to install.

Mike Michalowicz was on a trip to Hawaii when his young son cut his leg on an obsidian rock, one of the sharpest materials on the planet.  Fortunately, his son was okay, but the name obsidian stuck in Michalowicz’s head.  Prior to vacation, he was struggling with a name for his website analysis company.  After the incident, he decided on naming his firm Obsidian Launch.

Adlin Sinclair once said, “Success is a welcomed gift for the uninhibited mind.”  Time away provides such a mental state.  And the opportunity for a spark.  Working hard has its virtues; however relaxation is often the very thing we need to ignite innovation.

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