Your Dental Team Is Motivated By More Than Compensation

If compensation was all that mattered to your dental team, then highly compensated teams would have few if any challenges.  However, that is not the case.  Whether your dental practice is big or small, your team is motivated by other factors in addition to compensation.


First, your team appreciates consistent positive reinforcement and feedback.  The lack of positive reinforcement is one of the primary causes for poor teamwork and morale, and unfortunately this is a common challenge in practices.  The day has yet to arrive when a dental team says they are receiving too much specific positive feedback from the dentist.  In order to make your team even stronger, make the effort to regularly communicate your appreciation.


Secondly, your team wants to work to their fullest potential.  Consider what you can delegate or how you can let the team expand the scope of their responsibilities.  Some of the most productive conversations occur during team or individual meetings when you simply ask if there are projects the team would like to tackle to make the practice even stronger.  The feeling of accomplishment from putting together regular Facebook posts for the practice or making the ordering system more efficient will fuel your team’s professional development and feeling of satisfaction.


Finally, how can you integrate more enjoyable team building activities into your practice?  Having some fun will not only help everyone relax, it will also build cohesion.  Simple ideas often work the best such as ordering the employee’s favorite desert for her birthday or having a potluck for lunch.  Ask your team for ideas.


When managing your dental team, remember they are motivated by more than just compensation.  Provide regular positive feedback, help them develop or use additional skills, and integrate some fun into your practice.  This is what your team needs to grow even stronger.

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