Watch Out For QuickBooks Email Scams

This is the time of year that we are all paying special attention to any correspondence that may impact our end of year information or our taxes and there is so much of it. We don’t want to miss any deadline and with so much going on e mail scammers know this and take advantage of our desire to be sure we are meeting all of our obligations.

Scam Alert

The newest e mail scam that is specifically targeting small businesses looks as though it is coming from QuickBooks.

This newest iteration of the phishing scam sends an e mail from “QuickBooks Support” that a small business owner has changed their name through Intuit. Conveniently in the e mail they also provide a link to click to cancel. With that click, the malware gains access to your computer and success for the scammers. This one has special impact for all of you as we often are working in your QuickBooks files and you may think this is something that we have generated.

Lady at computer desk

As with all e mails with any important business (or personal) details, you are best served to be wary. We unfortunately see a lot of these and if you have any question at all on whether an e mail is legitimate or if we have filed any changes for any reason, please feel free to give us a call.

To look up more information or if you are the target of a phishing scam you can report it here at the better business bureau scam tracker –

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