Is Dental Treatment Really Needed?

Dentists and clinical teams are empathetic by nature, which explains why they struggle when patients balk at treatment recommendations. Especially when patients express concerns over cost. But what are patients really asking when they say that treatment sounds expensive?shutterstock_86109481

In many cases, patients push back because they want to see if the treatment is really needed. When a hygienist, for example, recommends that a patient schedule three visits a year instead of two, the patient naturally thinks about the cost, especially if insurance doesn’t cover it. The same thing happens when a dentist recommends a crown instead of a filling.

While it is certainly wise to acknowledge the patient’s concern and to show empathy, this can be done without diluting the key message. If you would recommend the same dental treatment for a family member or friend, guide your patient in the same manner. Diagnose based on the best interests of the patient regardless of what insurance will cover.shutterstock_128091305

When patients express concerns about cost, it often means they need your reassurance about the importance of treatment. Provide the reassurance. Build value for what you recommend. And do not shy away from what you know is in the patient’s best interests.

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