Impress Your Dental Patients Before Treatment Starts

Wowing patients with great treatment is the goal of most dental practices; however you start making a memorable impression before treatment ever starts. In addition to focusing on delivering great care, also consider how you can impress dental patients before treatment ever starts.

That memorable impression starts by running on time. Your perfect crown prep will not make up for running twenty minutes behind; therefore it’s important to refine the way you schedule to make sure you consistently run on time. When occasions do arise where you run behind, make sure your team informs patients within five minutes of their scheduled time.

The next way to impress dental patients before treatment starts is to make a personal connection. If you and your team have seen the patient in the past, reconnect with a common interest, ask about the person’s job, or ask how recent dental work is feeling. If you have not met the patient before, take a moment to ask about something outside of dentistry.wowing

Finally, you will make a strong impression by appearing organized prior to and throughout the appointment. Whether patients say anything or not, they notice when multiple team members come in and out of the operatory in search of instruments or supplies. Patients notice when you and your team seem rushed. And even though patients do not know which trays are used for root canals versus cleanings, they still notice when the operatory is not set up correctly for the procedure. When you and your team are organized, you are more relaxed, and this temperament positively affects your patients.

Since great patient care is an important outcome of your dental practice, focus on how to set the appropriate tone for that care from the time the patient arrives. Make a memorable impression before treatment ever starts.

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