Hire the Right Fit Instead of Hiring to Fill a Position

There is a significant difference between hiring the right fit for your practice and hiring to fill a position.  Joe Kraus, CEO of Lime, summed it up well when he said, “The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good.”  In order to avoid the cost of hiring the wrong person for your practice, clearly define the characteristics you want in your next hire before you schedule the first interview.

In order to define who you are looking for, review what worked well with the person who vacated the position.  What skill sets do you need to replace?  Are the skills needed Day One or do you have the resources to train someone?  Review the job description and make sure the duties accurately reflect what is needed for the position.

While skills are a good starting point, it is even more important to determine the attributes needed to align with the team and the dentist’s practice philosophy.  Look at the high performers on your team and define what makes them so good.  Do you need someone who is more of a leader or someone who can work well with existing leaders?  If you were reviewing the new hire three months from now, what behaviors and attitudes would demonstrate you had hired the right person?

After you define the attributes for the position, you are ready to interview candidates who seem to meet the criteria.  Here are five questions you can ask along with your other interview questions.

  • Tell me about your best work experience. (This can tell you a lot about people’s strengths and what leaves them feeling successful and satisfied about the job).
  • Tell me about the best team you have worked with and what made the experience so rewarding.
  • What have you liked best and least about the treatment philosophies of dentists you have worked with previously?
  • Describe a big challenge or conflict you have faced and what you did to overcome it.
  • Describe a few situations where you exceeded expectations.

The next time you have an opening in your practice, do not just race against the clock to fill the position.  Instead, define the right fit for your practice.  Then put in the effort to find someone who has the skills you need, and even more importantly, who aligns with the team and the doctor’s practice philosophy.

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