Effective Transitions Make for a Great Dental Patient Visit

Just as transitions are critical for the continuity of presentations we hear or articles we read, transitions are also important for the patient experience. Effective dental teams know how to seamlessly transition at key points during an appointment.

The first transition occurs when patients arrive. While the front team often communicates to the back that patients are ready, attentive clinical teams are also watching the clock to ensure everything is ready. Getting patients to the operatory on time starts every visit on right foot.shutterstock_271062080

Patients often start with the clinical team prior to seeing the dentist, and it is during this time that the clinical team listens to concerns such as sensitive teeth or upcoming treatment. This makes the transition to the dentist very important. Effective teams communicate key points during the transition, which prevents patients from having to repeat themselves. Consider the positive impression this makes in addition to making it easier for the dentist to address what is most important to patients.

When dentists conclude their time with patients, another important transition occurs as the clinical team returns to the front. When key points about pending treatment or the next visit are relayed in the hand-off, front teams are much more successful putting together financial estimates and guiding patients to schedule. By contrast, ineffective hand-offs often leave the front team with missing information, which means they have to waste time going to find a clinical team member to find out what is needed next.

When transitions work well, the entire patient visit runs smoother. Teams are better informed, which means patients are as well, and this translates into higher treatment acceptance. And just like when transitions work well in an article to keep you reading more, when transitions work well in your dental practice, patients keep coming back. And they are more likely to refer their friends and family.shutterstock_262156529

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