A Simple Surprise to Increase Treatment Acceptance

Have you ever considered how something as simple as offering your dental patients a beverage in the waiting room or a warm towel to freshen up with after a visit can lead to higher treatment acceptance?

You may have noticed a trend in barbershops and hair salons where beverages are offered to customers. The reason why is simple: it increases tips significantly. The same holds true for cab drivers and concierges: offer something unexpected and refreshing and people tip a lot more. Why? By exceeding expectations people are more likely to spend money for the service.shutterstock_267039713

The same holds true in dentistry. And there is another benefit: whether it’s tea or water in the waiting room, a warm blanket or I-Pod in the treatment chair, or a flower for a patient when checking out, whenever you make a dental patient feel comfortable, that person is more willing to return.

We like to return to good experiences. And phobic patients are much more likely to schedule treatment when you help them relax.shutterstock_267085349

Although there are many parts of the patient experience to fine-tune in order to maximize treatment acceptance, a great first step begins with something small. What is something simple you can do to help patients feel more relaxed? Exceed their expectations and you will take a big step toward keeping your schedule full.

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