Notification Requirements for Portland Sick Leave

Employers who are required to give employees sick leave under the new City of Portland Protected Sick Time Ordinance need to make sure they are providing employees with the proper notification.

The City of Portland has released the poster required by its Protected Sick Time Ordinance.  All employers with employees working inside the City of Portland are required to post the poster by January 1, 2014.

Employers are also required to provide each employee that work inside the City of Portland with a written notice about the Protected Sick Time Ordinance by the end of the first pay period in January 2014.

The City has provided a sample notice as a template but you are not required to use this notice.  You may customize your notice to communicate your leave policy.  The items that must be included in the notice are:

  1. An employee’s entitlement to Sick Time;
  2. The amount of Sick Time and terms of use;
  3. The employer’s call in policy that employees must follow when using Sick Time;
  4. The no retaliation policy for employees who request or use Sick Time;
  5. An employee’s right to file a complaint if Sick Time is denied by the employer.

The poster, sample notice, address search to see if you are in the City of Portland, and other information about the Protected Sick Time Ordinance can be found at:

Please contact our office with any questions.

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