Standing Behind Your Financial Estimates for Patients

Why is it that some patient care coordinators can step dental patients through complex financial estimates while others struggle to outline the costs of a single filling? Sometimes it’s because the struggling team member is not a good fit for the practice or the profession. But assuming that is not the case, the struggles are often caused by the inability to stand behind the financial estimate itself.


The front team may struggle to stand behind financial estimates because it means delivering bad news about out-of-pocket costs. Even though people rarely get excited about extra costs, the majority will pay for treatment they value. That is why it’s so important for the front team to remember they are discussing something important: dental treatment that will improve patients’ health and steer them clear of discomfort.

The front team’s job then is to guide patients to schedule for valuable treatment. What’s interesting to observe is that when the team can present financial options for something they also value, they naturally have more confidence and empathy, which builds trust with patients. This puts patients at ease and makes it much easier to guide them into the schedule.

patient consultation

But what if patients ask tough questions after the financials are presented? It’s important to remember this is normal. Some people push-back in order to double check the need for paying at the time of service. Others process out loud as they consider the costs associated with treatment. By remaining empathetic while upholding the financial policies of the practice, your team will still schedule most patients.

It’s not easy to deliver effective financial estimates. However, when your team can stand behind what they are presenting, they will go a long way toward keeping treatment acceptance levels as high as possible.

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