Get the Word out about Your Services

I remember meeting with a doctor several years ago who had learned to place her own implants, and she was upset. “I spent all of this money to learn how to place implants and not a single patient seems to ask about it.”

The doctor and I talked for several minutes before I asked a simple question, “Do your patients know you place implants?”  After talking with the doctor and then her team, it was clear the answer was “no.”

You cannot assume that patients know all of the services you provide.  If you want patients to schedule more implants or surgeries or whatever the procedure, you and your team need to discuss treatment options when appropriate.  Some of those discussions will lead to scheduling treatment, and some conversations will plant seeds for future treatment.

In addition, educational DVD’s and brochures—placed in the front and in the operatories—are valuable for informing patients about your full menu of services.

I have seen many doctors scratch their heads when patients go to other practices for implants, Invisalign, cosmetic procedures, perio surgery, or even something as basic as emergency care because the patients assumed the practice did not offer those services.

Instead of allowing patients to form their own assumptions, consider what you want patients to know about your services.  Then use a combination of methods to deliver the message.  Patients are obviously much more likely to schedule if they know you offer the service.

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