Don’t Hide Your Value

Someone once said, “It’s not enough to give the customer excellent service.  You must subtly make him aware of the great service he is getting.”  How effective are you at making your dental patients aware of the great service they are receiving?

When patients receive treatment, how do you reinforce the value of the services you offer?  Confetti and balloons do not need to drop from the ceiling to illustrate your point.  Consider taking an intra-oral photo of the new crown you just placed which is almost indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth.  Imagine the value that is conveyed with that image.

Consider reinforcing the importance of treatment by telling patients you are glad they did not put off scheduling their work.  This also helps motivate people to schedule their next phase of treatment.

Value, as you know, is also provided by your dental team.  If you want patients to be wowed by your team, recognize times when your team wows you.  For example, when your hygienist does an excellent job removing stubborn calculus or stain, provide specific positive feedback.  Imagine how patients will feel about the care they just received after hearing your positive feedback.

Or how about during a consult when your front office coordinator has all of the costs outlined along with payment options.  Hearing you compliment your team member will make patients even more at ease about the information they are receiving.

Going out of your way for dental patients means even more when patients perceive the value.  Make sure you find ways to show your patients they are in good hands whenever they walk through your door.

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