Consider the Opposite Perspective When Making Decisions

One of the wisest management moves you can make in your dental practice is to consider the opposite perspective when making decisions, especially when you feel absolutely sure about your ideas.  This may seem counter intuitive since you may feel so certain about a particular decision; however we often miss important points due to something called confirmation bias.  Confirmation bias is the result of looking for information that confirms what we already believe is true all the while missing very important points along the way that may point to a contrary perspective.

Decision Making

For example, you may believe that hiring an associate is the best move for your dental practice.  You may seek out an article that confirms your perspective and consult a few colleagues who encourage you to hire an associate right away.  But what could be hiding the shadows of your confirmation bias that hiring an associate is the right thing to do?

For starters, you may not be busy enough to hire an associate without cutting back your days and reducing the amount of money available for your salary.  Secondly, you may not have considered the challenges that come from having an associate and if you are truly ready for the extra work.  And finally, you may not have considered your staff’s perspective on hiring another dentist.


In the end, you may discover that hiring an associate is the best move for your practice, but it’s important to consider contrary views to ensure you are fully prepared and that you make the best decision for the practice.

Make it part of your regular decision making process to seek out a fresh perspective.  Learning more about the opposite view may help you uncover important insights that will make your decision making process even stronger.

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