Commonly Overlooked Dental Procedures

During the course of a busy day, dentists and their teams sometimes post production without accounting for every service performed. Three commonly missed dental procedures are limited scaling and root planing, crown build ups, and fillings, when extra surfaces are added. Fortunately these oversights are easy to fix.8.11.15 what when how

Limited scaling and root planing is sometimes overlooked when the hygiene team performs the service at the same time as a cleaning. Typically in these situations patients only have a few teeth requiring limited perio therapy, and the hygiene team can complete the extra work within the normal timeframe for the recall visit. To ensure the procedure is not missed, have the hygiene team post the service before starting it. In addition, make sure a financial estimate is given before the dental service is performed, and then the front team can make sure all production is posted correctly.

Crown build ups are sometimes placed but not billed when the service is not included in the original treatment plan. It is understandable that dentists do not want to surprise patients with extra costs. Many dental teams get around this problem by including crown build ups on the treatment plan whenever there is a reasonable expectation of needing one. This ensures that patients are prepared to pay for the service if it’s needed.

To make sure fillings are billed correctly, have the clinical team double check with the dentist before posting the procedure. This is a great double check not only to make sure the correct surfaces are billed, but to also remember when an extra surface is added to a filling.

Just as it takes teamwork to create a great patient experience, it also takes teamwork to ensure all production is posted correctly. By taking the right steps, you can make sure you correctly bill for the services you provide.8.11.15 billed

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