The Uncrowded Extra Mile

Many dental practices talk about going the extra mile for patients, but how many actually do it?  The time, the effort, the consistency; it’s not easy.  Inspirational speaker Wayne Dyer once said, “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”  How can you set yourself apart on that uncrowded path?

Xtra Mile

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your dental patients.  What would make the practice stand out from the rest?  Consistently running on time is one of the first things patients will tell you because people dislike having their time wasted.  You can’t go the extra mile for patients when you keep them waiting.

How about going the extra mile and calling patients after they receive treatment.  Patients always appreciate hearing from the dentist.  This is also a great way to solve minor issues while they are still easy to resolve.

Xtra Mile

For example, you place some fillings and the patient’s bite is off just a little.  Most patients assume the fillings will wear down in a few days and everything will be fine, which is not what happens.  The high spots on the fillings can cause jaw discomfort which makes the patient blame you for doing a poor job.  All of this is avoided with an after-treatment call to remind patients to immediately come back for an adjustment if something does not feel right.

Finally, you can’t go the extra mile if patients are not always greeted in a friendly manner and treated with empathy.  Even if patients are in a bad mood you cannot mirror their negative emotions.  Your kindness and professionalism are the characteristics that will calm most people down and make you stand out in their eyes.


Before you state that you go the extra mile for dental patients, make sure you know what that entails.  For those who are up to the challenge, you will discover the uncrowded path rewards you with greater practice growth.

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