Getting Google Reviews with Review Wizards

If you are not generating as many positive Google reviews as possible, you are at a competitive disadvantage since potential new patients rely on reviews to judge your practice. When new patients see that your practice has zero or very few Google reviews while dentists nearby have thirty or more positive reviews, those new patients will likely contact your colleagues for an appointment. While you may have internal reviews generated by a patient reminder system, keep in mind that Google places the greatest value on Google reviews. This means that people see Google reviews first when they search—other types of reviews may not even come up in a Google search.


This is likely not the first time you have heard about the importance of Google reviews. Why then does your practice not have more reviews? You may have even had patients tell you they were going to leave the practice a review, but the review never materialized. Why? Reviews take time and it is easy to forget to leave one.

A service called Review Wizards ( may help with both issues. This service leads patients to do one thing: leave a Google review (you can also select other sites for reviews such as Yelp and Facebook). Patients receive an email or text containing your logo and they are directed through the steps of leaving a Google review. This saves time for the patient and increases the likelihood the practice will receive a review.


In addition, Review Wizards can help stop a negative review. If patients indicate they had a bad experience, they are directed to give the practice feedback through email. Unhappy patients are not given the option to leave a review. This gives the practice a chance to address the unhappy patient’s complaints and helps decrease the likelihood of a negative review.

Generating Google reviews is important for practice growth. The more positive Google reviews you have, the more likely new patients are to call for an appointment.

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