Don’t Mistake Longevity for Loyalty

Just because someone has been part of your dental team for years, doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a pillar of your practice.  Too many times when initially assessing their teams, dentists confuse longevity for loyalty.

A long-term team member who does just enough to get by and who does not demonstrate respect for the dentist or the goals of the practice is not a loyal employee.  In fact, it’s people like this who make growing a practice much more difficult.  Loyal dental teams, by contrast, are interested in taking themselves and the practice to the next level.

If you want to attract and keep loyal team members, it’s important to recognize them with regular positive feedback.  And if you’re looking for characteristics to praise, consider the following traits that set loyal team members apart.

First, loyal dental teams always treat you with respect because they never lose sight that you’re the boss.  They support you in front of patients and team members and by doing so they help set a professional tone for the entire practice.

Secondly, when disagreements occur, loyal team members will talk with you in private.  They never confront you in front of a patient.  And they are very constructive with their feedback.

Since loyal employees work with you to keep the channels of communication open, the third thing they offer is possibly the most important: innovative ideas.  Sometimes these ideas fly in the face of what you want to hear, but due to their ability to present constructive feedback, loyal employees often help you see perspectives you might not have otherwise considered.

The contribution made by loyal team members is invaluable.  If you want to attract and keep these key people, make sure you recognize how they go above and beyond simply punching a time clock.

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