Dental Marketing – The First Question

Wouldn’t it be nice if by simply opening your door wider you attracted more new patients?  Unfortunately, people are not gathering outside your door like they do a donut shop, eager for a neon sign that proclaims “Hot & Tasty,” or in the case of dentistry, “Instruments Freshly Sharpened.”

You can spend countless hours and resources researching the best type of dental marketing for your practice.  Yet, a fundamental question often goes unanswered: why do patients refer their friends and family to you?

When I pose this question to doctors and teams, I typically get an answer such as, “Somebody had a tooth ache or needed treatment.”  But that’s not why an existing patient told her co-worker about you.  Why do patients refer their friends and family?

After much back and forth I guide teams to understand it comes down to how you make patients feel.  You make patients feel comfortable.  You make patients feel confident about the treatment you render.  And you help patients realize you are not going to overcharge them.  That is why patients refer their friends and family.

What practices also discover is you lose that feeling-level connection when you consistently run behind, when you deemphasize building patient relationships, and when the doctor and team are not working well together.  How can you build your practice under those conditions?

There are many areas where you can focus your attention if you want to grow your practice.  And it starts with those feeling-level connections.  What are three things you and your team can do to make those connections even stronger?  Consider putting that topic on your next staff meeting agenda.

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