Leaders Show the Way

What does it take to fine-tune your leadership skills? Consider what John Maxwell once said about the subject. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” How can your leadership skills show the way for your dental team?

First, evaluate how your team starts the work day. Are you prepared and on-time for seeing your dental patients? Have you and your team communicated effectively about each patient’s needs and concerns ahead of time? If communication and teamwork need fine-tuning, consider how you could use a morning huddle or briefing to prepare for the day. Then lead the way by showing up on time and prepared for the meeting, which will ensure you and the team get the most out of the discussion.shutterstock_131437046

Next, consider how open you and the team are to new ideas for making the patient experience or practice even better. What type of environment do you foster for innovation? Once again you can lead the way by asking for feedback during meetings, listening to suggestions, and when appropriate, implementing new ideas and systems.

Finally, you can lead the way by coaching your team to help improve their overall skills. Work with each team member to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then provide the coaching they need or find someone who can help. You can also show the way by leading by example—work on your own clinical and leadership skills, and push yourself to get to the next level.

There are many characteristics that make up an effective leader, and one of the most important is taking the initiative to show your team the way. Challenge yourself to become an even more effective leader and your dental team and patients will benefit from your efforts.shutterstock_142550515

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