Outsourcing Your Payroll: One of the Keys to Happiness

As a business owner, one of the keys to your happiness is to outsource whenever you can.  Outsourcing your payroll will save you money, headaches and time.

Payroll limits and rules are constantly changing; staying on top of all the rules, regulations and requirements is a full-time job.  In addition, the benefit of direct deposit, auto tax-pay and electronic time cards makes the decision to either do payroll in-house or to outsource it very easy; outsource it.

For less than $1,800 per year you can have your entire payroll services provided for you.  It will save you time and headaches, your employees will be happier and the amount of tax notices will decrease.  This service will also make your CPA’s accounting more efficient.

If you have already outsourced your payroll services the good for you.  If you are still one of the holdouts and do not want to pay a payroll service to do your payroll, then you need to know that by seeing just one extra patient per month, instead of spending time doing it yourself, you will come out ahead.

If your office manager is currently doing your payroll, you need to consider the benefit of freeing up more of their valuable time by outsourcing.  Payroll companies have sophisticated software that makes the entire process really efficient.  It is much more efficient and cost effective than having your office manager spend hours per pay period dealing with payroll.

As we start a new calendar year consider making 2012 the year that you utilize this key to happiness.  Your contact at Fluence can help you find a payroll service that is best for you.

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