Do Not Be Misled About Annual Reports

Workplace Compliance Services (W.C.S.) has started sending 2021 Annual Reports to Oregon companies.  This renewal is not from the State of Oregon and is not required.  W.C.S. is a private, for-profit, out-of-state company. If you receive this notice, please discard.  Below is the information from the Secretary of State regarding these notices.

Secretary of State

Corporation Division

255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151

Salem, OR 97310

Contact: | 503-986-2200

Public Service Notice

Don’t be misled into wasting your hard-earned money! Solicitation can easily be mistaken for official correspondence from the State of Oregon.

Your business is not currently due for renewal but will be in about 10 to 12 weeks.

The annual report fee for Oregon LLC is only $100.

Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division wants to inform you about a questionable solicitation entitled “2021 – Annual Report Instruction Form.” 

Sent by Workplace Compliance Services (W.C.S.) or C.P.S. – a private, for-profit, out-of-state company – the solicitation offers to file your Annual Report for an extra $85 “processing fee,” which is not required under Oregon law.

Official Annual Report notices or forms from the Secretary of State will always include the following:
1. The State of Oregon official state seal.
2. The Corporation Division address, 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151, Salem, OR 97310.
3. The Corporation Division phone number, 503-986-2200.

Additionally, the outer envelope will specify the mailing is from the “Secretary of State – Corporation Division.”

If you’d like to know when your Annual Report is due to be filed with the Secretary of State, visit We send a reminder via postal mail approximately 50 days before an Annual Report is due. The easiest way to file an annual report or to renew a business is through our online services at

NEW SERVICE: Sign up to receive your renewal notice by email. It is easy to opt in and will help distinguish the difference between our renewal notice and solicitations.

If you’re uncertain whether a solicitation is legitimate, call the Secretary of State Corporation Division at 503-986-2200 or check our Alert web page.


Oregon Secretary of State
Corporation Division


Comments (7)

  1. Ron & Jan Wismer says:

    We received a solicitation from WCS to send them $185.00 to renew our business registry for
    RD & JH Investment Properties, LLC. A return envelope to send the payment was included. It had the following address: WCS, 2755 Commercial St. SE, Ste. 101-260, Salem, OR 97302. The solicitation was sent from zip code 92807 which is Orange County, California.
    How do we stop this solicitation from being sent in the future? If someone else was doing our accounting, they might think this is legitimate. The phone number given on the form for further assistance is: (971)-231-0138.

  2. Sylvia Sandoz says:

    How can we got off their mailing list.
    It’s just a scam.

  3. Norberto Gliozzi says:

    Is someone going to jail for doing this? Even if it is an out of state scam, I’ll guess it will be easy to track.

  4. LeeAnn Ernandes says:

    It is time for the government to begin taking down scam mail and more especially, scam telephone calls. I get several a day and have more blocked numbers than friendly numbers. It is an invasion of privacy and disturbing on every level.

  5. Anonymized says:

    This must be illegal to do. This was the phone number listed on my mail from WCS: 877-329-4662

    Their address listed on the return envelope: 2755 Commercial St. SE, Ste. 101-260
    Salem, OR 97302

  6. Scammers like this needs to be PUNISHED!!!! W.C.S. would be easy for the Oregon District Attorney to find and pursue. We almost fell for this scam “2024 – Annual Report Instruction Form” to renew our State of Oregon Registry for $195.00. They had to audacity to use Respond by 10-13-23. Luckily, we read every line of the long form and sensed that something was not right. In the past scammers have tried to have us renew our domain registrations but never our business registry with the State.

  7. Scott says:

    I agree that this scam needs to be taken down. They mislead with their fake form and are blatantly dishonest because of this. I hope they don’t try to talk themselves into believing they are honest and or decent human beings. They are simple crooks.

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