Dentist and team

Can You Endorse Your Associate?

Assuming you are busy enough and have appropriate cash flow to add an associate dentist, how do you know if you are hiring the right associate? The right associate is not just… Continue On +

Phone call

Openings in the Schedule Can Create Opportunities

How do you and your team utilize time when there are openings in the schedule? While openings throw off the rhythm of a team used to seeing patients, if you plan appropriately,… Continue On +


Three Important Phrases That Increase Treatment Acceptance

One of the most frustrating aspects of dentistry is to go to great lengths to explain treatment needs only to have patients walk out the door without scheduling. Dentists and teams often… Continue On +


Employee Business Expenses & Tax Reform

If you are an employee (i.e., a W-2 wage earner) with substantial work-related business expenses, the Act was not kind to you. It suspended (and effectively repealed), for 2018 through 2025, all… Continue On +


Tax Reform Cracks Down on IRA Recharacterizations

If you have been or are anticipating converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you should be aware of a tax trap that Congress built into the Act. Background: There are… Continue On +

Business Plan

Have Business Income? If So, You Score Big With The New Tax Reform

As part of the Act, Congress changed the tax-rate structure for C-corporations to a flat rate of 21% instead of the former graduated rates that topped out at 35%. Needing a way… Continue On +

Tax Deduction

Medical Deductions & The New Tax Law

Article Highlights: Medical Deductions Retained by the Tax Reform Law Adjusted Gross Income Floor Dropped to 7.5% The Standard Deduction Bunching Medical Deductions Unusual Medical Deductions Medical Dependents Divorced Parents Note: The… Continue On +


Jumpstart Your Day with a Great Morning Huddle

If constructed the right way, morning huddles can help jumpstart your day by improving teamwork and the overall flow of the day. In addition, patients benefit because the dentist and team are… Continue On +