Have Your Eyes Open for Talent

When is a good time to start recruiting for the next opening in your practice?  It might surprise you to learn that right now is the ideal time, even if your current team is strong.

The challenge of filling an opening in your dental practice is the best talent may not be looking when you need them. Talented people are in demand, and they rarely spend much time without a job; therefore when you encounter someone who is memorable, take note.

This approach is especially true if you are open to recruiting someone who does not have dental experience.  Consider times when you have a positive retail experience with a salesperson who goes out of her way to help you.  Would you like your patients to receive that level of customer service?

Or how about when you are at your physician’s office or other healthcare provider and you interact with team member who impresses you with her organizational skills or chair-side presence.  How would that person complement your team?

When you encounter people who impress you with their service, personality, and expertise, introduce yourself and exchange business cards.  If it’s appropriate to do so, ask that person if she has ever considered working in the dental field.

Even though it will require training to get an inexperienced person up to speed, you can sometimes find the best talent outside of dentistry.

Please keep in mind that finding the next great team member starts before you have an opening.  The key is to connect appropriately whenever someone impresses you.  Sometime down the road that person may be the great new addition to your team.

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