Employee Handbook

Testing Employees for Drugs or Alcohol

An employee shows up to work and appears to be intoxicated. You want to send them for drug testing to see if your assumption is correct and terminate them if it is.… Continue On +

Home Office

Good and Bad News About The Home Office Tax Deduction

“Home office” is a type of tax deduction that applies to the business use of a home; the space itself may not actually be an office. This category also includes using part… Continue On +


TAX ALERT- Are your new 2018 withholdings sufficient to cover your tax liability?

In March of 2018 the IRS adopted new withholding tables for wages and retirement distributions. These tables were designed to adjust the withholdings for the new tax laws that will be effective… Continue On +

day care kids

Big Changes to the Kiddie Tax

Years ago, to prevent parents from transferring their investment accounts into their children’s name to avoid taxes, Congress created what is referred to as the kiddie tax. This counteracted the strategy of… Continue On +

Dentist and xray

Build Trust with Effective Hand-Offs

One of the most frustrating experiences for patients is repeating key points about health history and treatment needs to multiple members of the clinical team. Patients may wonder if the team is… Continue On +

Tax Reform Law

So Long To The Tax Deduction For Investment Expenses

Under the new tax reform law, investment expenses are no longer deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. This means, for example, that if you have an investment account and are paying fees… Continue On +


Solar Tax Credit: The Dark Side

There are TV ads, telemarketing phone calls and sales people at your front door all promoting the benefits of solar power, and one of the key considerations and a frequently mentioned benefit… Continue On +

Dentist and team

Can You Endorse Your Associate?

Assuming you are busy enough and have appropriate cash flow to add an associate dentist, how do you know if you are hiring the right associate? The right associate is not just… Continue On +