Getting Dental Patients to “Yes”

Whether you want to propose a certain treatment plan or schedule a hard-to-please patient at a specific time, one of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is the fear that someone will say “no.”

One of the reasons why dentists and teams struggle at times is they lose sight of why the suggestion is important.  For example, when multiple teeth in the same quadrant need work, it usually makes sense to schedule all treatment at the same time.  One visit versus multiple trips saves everyone time, the patient endures fewer injections to numb the area, and you often have to make fewer adjustments to the restorations.

However, you may hesitate to suggest scheduling multiple teeth because you fear patients will think you are just after their pocketbook.  Or maybe you and your team just assume the patient wouldn’t be interested.

But what is best for the patient?  If scheduling multiple teeth at the same time is the best course of treatment, stand behind the recommendation.  If patients cannot schedule due to cost or other reasons, they will let you know and treatment plans can be adjusted.  But you will never get patients to “yes” unless you ask.

The same holds true for when you schedule patients.  If you want to improve your ability to stay on time and remain productive during the day, schedule patients during blocks that facilitate those goals.  Patients typically go where you guide them.  And when they do ask why they can’t schedule outside of the block, dental teams need to learn not to hide under the desk.  When patients understand why, almost without exception they schedule where you want them to go.

Please remember to stand behind the recommendations that you make.  You will find it’s much easier to get dental patients to say “yes.”

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