Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

If you want to buy a new product that you know nothing about, where would you start? Many people would start by reading reviews about the product to learn the ins and outs. And if through learning about the product the choice was narrowed to three brands, what would potentially sway the decision? People are typically influenced by the number of reviews and the amount of positive versus negative feedback in the reviews.


The same holds true for new dental patients who are trying to learn more about dentists in the area. These patients will typically read about you and your colleagues before deciding who to call for a new patient appointment. Do you know what potential new patients are reading about your practice?

One of the most insightful exercises you and your team can do is regularly search online for dentists in your area. Are you surrounded by colleagues who have dozens and dozens of up-to-date positive reviews while you have one review from two years ago? Consider how that scenario would influence a potential new patient.

The bottom line is you need a consistent stream of positive online reviews to tell potential new patients why they need to call your practice. Online reviews are a critical part of practice growth in today’s world.

Positive Feedback

Therefore, encourage your patients to leave you reviews, and when patients take the time to review the practice, remember to thank them. It is not uncommon for small business to ask satisfied customers to help them spread the word by leaving an online review, and you can do the same by asking your patients to help you attract more great patients.

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